What will your future be like?
What will happen to you in life or love?

So many people try to find out by consulting their horoscope, have tarot-cards laid, participate in spiritual games like the ouija-board, or find out by getting into spiritism or occultism. They might also visit a fortune-teller, medicine-man, witch-doctor, new-age guide or spiritist medium for this.

Will all this ensure you to have a happy future?
No way: in contrary!

It is true there is more between heaven and earth… there is a camp of good and evil, no other options. The good is God, our Creator, who wants a restored relationship with you.

God loves you and warns people strongly to keep far from astrology, from horoscopes, tarot, spiritualism, fortune-telling, witchcraft, and not to consult a medium or spiritualist.(1)

For all the things mentioned above will only lead you to get in touch with the camp of evil: the devil and his demons or evil spirits, whose real intention is to mislead and harm people. (2)

For your own sake, stay away from horoscopes, fortune-tellers, spiritualism and people involved with it!

Real peace of mind
If you want to find real peace and joy in your heart, you want your future to be safe, no matter what happens…
you need God!

There is only one Way to:

Find God
Receive forgiveness for all your sins no matter how big or small
Receive eternal life in heaven after death
Receive true joy and peace in your heart
Trust in a safe and secure future no matter what circumstances
Jesus Christ is the only Way to find God!

Without Jesus, there will be judgement after this life and who can stand? (3)

Jesus Christ is the only one who can offer real forgiveness and new life, to everyone. Also to those involved in horoscope and occultism, even when you are suffering from the dark side of the spiritual world! (4)The miracle of life on earth
Even the tiniest little flower is composed in an amazing way. The sheer existence of humans, animals and plants, living in the complexity and structure of planet earth and the whole universe, proves there must be a Creator: God. Wouldn’t He be a perfect Being? Indeed: He’s perfect, Holy and Almighty. God is definitely there, even having His eye on you every day.

Result of our lives
God wants a restored contact with you, yes: He loves you with a deep love! But there is one problem: He is Holy, and all the wrong things (sins) you did during your life, separate you from Him. Not only now during this life, but your sins also result in missing out on getting to heaven after this life. For it is not possible for humans to live with a Holy God in heaven while being stained and blemished by sins.

Sacrifice of love
God chose to solve the problem of your sins Himself. About 2000 years ago He sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to earth. Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, took the blame for your sins: sacrificed His live for you when dying on a cross. This was necessary: sins could only be removed by the bloodshed of a Righteous Man. After the cross, the Lord Jesus rose from His grave, and is now alive in heaven at God’s right hand. Only Jesus Christ can remove your sins. No religious life, good deeds or whatever can do that: Jesus Christ is the only Way to God.

God’s offer and condition
This is the truth in short. Ever since the cross, God offers His love, salvation from sins and eternal life to everyone. But there is one condition: faith. What to believe?
1. Believe Jesus Christ is God’s Son;
2. Believe Jesus Christ is the Savior from your sins;
3. Believe Jesus Christ is the living Lord of your life, accept Him as Lord and from now on, allow Him to make you the person He wants you to be.
Only when believing and speaking this out, you can receive forgiveness and salvation from your sins, and have guaranteed eternal life in heaven after your death.

A choice against Jesus Christ results in eternal doom
If you choose to believe nothing or choose against Jesus Christ, you also choose against God Himself. If you think you don’t need Jesus to wash your sins away, you simply stay stained with your own sins and will be judged because of them after this life. The result would be a terrible eternal future without God and no entrance to heaven. Realize this very well!

Choose in time
The choice is up to you: do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord or not? There is no other way to get to heaven. Now, during your life on earth, it is the time to make up your mind. People can die unexpectedly or get demented, not having the time or opportunity anymore to make a solid decision to believe in Jesus Christ and ask for His forgiveness. Don’t postpone your choice: today is your day.

you believe that love is the main foundation of marriage. Most who never have been married say they would like to be at some point in their lives. Is Marriage an Important Goal? Marriage is an important goal , although it may not be their top priority. Having a successful marriage is “one of the most important things” in life for 36% of adults,. An additional 48% said it is “very important but not the most” important. Being a good parent was seen as “one of the most important things” by a larger share of adults (53%).Many individuals who become serious about astrology seek a spiritual connection with it. Many will find a way to include astrology into their preexisting philosophical or religious ideas and others will allow astrology to alter those ideas.

While magic has a negative connotation in contemporary society (either being ridiculed by science or condemned by religion), theurgy is one of the great Hermetic arts that are said to unite individuals with god. Astrology and alchemy are the other two, so it’s no coincidence that astrology became both a vehicle and mechanism for magic.

Astrological magic seeks to combine physical objects with astrological power through the utilization of electional techniques, planetary sympathies, and invocation. The goal is to produce a physical object (a talisman) that will radiate an effect given to it by the power of the planets or other celestial entity imprinted on it at the time of its creation. This process immortalizes fortuitous elections and attempts to prolong their effects on individuals.

This spiritual, magic power is thought to exist in nature and is utilized to some extent by many religious traditions. Healing stones, gems, metals,  and herbs are manifestations of the astrological magical world. The cosmos is thought to be a series of links that form spiritual chains between superior and inferior bodies. There is one chain for each of the planets, and every object and concept exists in one or more of those chains. Each lower link of the chain draws its power from a higher link so that every thing that exists in all of creation draws its power or likeness from a planet.

It was thought, then, by combining different parts of a chain together and affixing an object with a sigil, symbol, or image at a properly elected time an individual could infuse that object with celestial power to fulfill a certain task. This could be the preservation of health, accumulation of resources, or protection from misfortune.

Astrological magic has a great position between electional and natal astrology. For those students who are open to this branch of the art, it offers another way to use skills gained in electing charts by slightly shifting the focus or intent of the election. Those not interested or feel the philosophy in magic contradicts their idea of astrology are free to move on to other branches without fear of missing too much practical information.

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